Texting tickets in New York 2009-2014

The number of texting-while-driving tickets increased 35 percent between 2013 and 2014 as fines and enforcement in New York have toughened. The increase was particularly pronounced in New York City, where texting tickets surged 50 percent over the two years; for the rest of the state, the increase was 15 percent. Overall, police dished out more than 75,000 tickets for texting last year, up from nearly 56,000 in 2013. The figures come as New York has adopted some of the toughest texting laws in the nation. Drivers caught either talking on their cellphones or texting face five points on their licenses and a maximum fine of $200 for the first offense. For young drivers under 21 with junior licenses, first-offense convictions of texting or talking while driving can lead to a 120-day license or permit suspension.

The table below shows the number of tickets that have been issued in each county for texting while driving (VTL-1225D) since November 2009.
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